Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some more of the knitterly stuff

When I was making my fair Isle beret my son was complaining that I never knit anything for him. He kept trying on the beret, and asking for one. Since he is a boy, i wouldn't really make a red one with hearts but then I found this pattern with elephants:

And when I started to use my Knucks it was such a success, especially with young friends I though they would make nice present for my half sis:

What did I do what I wouldn't if P. would be here???
Take a bath and after I finished I let the water all run our, down... I know it sound stupid, but P was going on forever about water and conserving water, and he always wanted to keep the used water in the tub for... soaking if something gets dirty? I always hated it. No matter how many times I cleaned the tub, if I wanted to have a bath I had to start with bleach... and the tub wouldn't get clean no matter what. I JUST HATED IT. (BTW the cleaning stuff I used and the water I used to rinse the tub off most probably cost more (money-wise and saving earth-wise) If he would just use fresh water to rinse it...
The basic idea came from when we had the house in the country and I wanted to use the bath and shower-water to water plants (in the greenhouse). We hardly use soap (and a little soap doesn't hurt the plants)... But as with most thing, he was overdoing it, as far as it became one of his manias...

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Isis said...

I love love love both the elephants and the fingerless mitts. And yuck about the bath water. How good it must have felt to just let it run out !