Friday, September 19, 2008

Time is running

I don't even realize how fast. Christopher is in school and I am in my new job for the third week... Still have not really got into a new routine. I miss having some free mornings, and I have considerably less knitting time.

Thank god for the renewed weekly meetings of the knitting club, otherwise I would really loose it. Not that there is much knitting to report of. I still haven't managed to get a modelled picture of the shrug, but I already wore it and I have been told it is cute.
I also managed to block the yoga wrap on the carpet of the living room. It took up every inch of free floor space...

And I started the sweater Dahlia from
I got this far with it:

I have to admit the Addi needles are really different, I can almost forget how much I dislike using circular needles.

1 comment:

Isis said...

I like the colour ! (the pattern wouldn't suit me at all... but the colour would !)