Monday, September 8, 2008

The first day of shcool

My baby is not that are picture from his first day at scool...
We stopped at the entrance of the church:

His school bag is sooo big (and heavy):

At the gate of the shcool:


Anonymous said...

He looks so big, heading off to school! {{{hugs}}} to Mom - I know how hard that first day of "real" school is! :)

Isis said...

I remember those moments (we started last year but her kindergarten years were in the same school). We're at the stage where she hesitates to kiss me goodbye now... **sniff** He looks big though, has he grown ? Shoe size please ?

herr_dr_nuss said...

its teh beginning of a new stage in both of your lives. enjoy it. how does his school schedule fit in with your new work schedule? i hope well.

be proud of your son. he'll do well by you. he'll be successful like his Mom.