Thursday, November 6, 2014

PIF sheeps

We have a Pay it Forward group in Facebook, but for the longest time I was just looking. Partly because I barely had time to breath, I wouldn't dare to take on a task with a deadline, partly because I am a knitter, I think I knit wahtever to myself... How would it look like when someone asks about some handknit I am wearing "did you knit that" (expecting the "of course I did, what do you think? my neighbour? " answer), and I should reply "well.. you know... Not." Butthen I have to face the fact I have my limits. I will never have a Viajante or a Nuvem shawl, unless someone knits me one, and the same goes for teh holey shawl. I love the pattern, I even ordered yarn for it, even started knitting it, only to want to stab myself in the eye after the sixth row of holes. So when RĂ©ka offered one I took it so fast sparks were flying around. I still owe a post about that shawl (which I dearly love), all it needs that I have preferable light and a kid, who takes my photographs available at teh same time. Until then, I will show what I offered, and done. Whith a bit of delay though, it is with its new owner now.
Since there was enough handspun yarn offered in the group I decided to offer my other (counting the beaded shawls, my third) specialty, fair isle hats.
From the patterns I listed, the target person choose Kate Davie's Sheep Heid.
Since Jamieson's yarn is not readily available around here, I used a bunch of sock-yarn, of which I do have an ample suply.
Needles : 2 mm for the ribbing, 3 mm for the patterns.
Photoes: Christopherr Laurent Deli

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Cynthia Willard said...

Really love this hat and while I've only done a 2-color knit, I would love to work on this one! very awesome!