Sunday, November 2, 2014

DROPS Montreal

October passed with an awful lot of work , which is actually great... only I had literally no time to eath or even sleep, much less do any crafts...I would have closed the month with no knitting or spinning if not for the day of wool (of which I still owe a blogpost) and the trainrides to and from Szeged, and the time of my uni lectures (after all this time my teachers are well trained, and doesn't even bat an eye if I take out my knitting :-)
The little knitting time I had was taken up with mandatory and secret projects I can't really show yet,.. so between all that there came a point when my inner knitter said "enough is enough, it is time to knit something just for FUN!"
I had my eye on the DROPS pattern called Montreal for ages, and I thought it would be ideal... it is small, qick and FUN.
I used the Delight color in the original pattern, but I substituted the Fabel with Baby Alpaca Silk, which was on sale.
The pattern is pretty straightforward, the fair isle part is good for the beginners (no really long floats). My only problem is the shape of the hat... If I would knit it again I would probably knit the smaller rib with the bigger pattern... or even would think how to adopt it to a beret shape.
(Needles: Addi Colibri DPN, 2 mm for the ribbing and 3 mm for the pattern).
Photo: Christopher Laurent Deli

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Anonymous said...

Szia Anett! The colors in this turned out so lovely! I nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog Award" and you can check out details here if you want to know more about it.