Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer and crochet

I don't know what is with me and summer and crochet...
I spin and knit for the winter months like crazy, but once warmer days are coming I have this unrepressable urge to crochet.
I found the round motif in a German crochet magazin.
The yarn is Drops Fabel (3 skeins), bought at Barkafonal 3.5 crochet hooks.
Because of the airiness of the pattern it was fast to crochet and the result is a rather bit stole.
Being me, I could not resist to put some beads in the outer edging.
It was kind of funny how I searched about five different stores for the right colored beads, buying some rather expensive japanese things at the end, only to find the perfect ones at home at the edge of my bookself.
(Yes, among the books I have beads, and yarn, even knitting needles and crochet hooks on my bookshelf, and who knows what else :-))
Pictures by Christopher Laurent Deli... the boy is getting good, isn't he?

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kristieinbc said...

You look so beautiful wearing your shawl! I think you are much smarter than I am about summer projects. The light airy crochet makes much more sense to work on than the super bulky weight sweater I just finished. Ha!