Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I said crochet, right?

As I told you, in summer I have this strange urge to croceht instead of knitting...
I found the pattern in my roamings of the lates Net-related time sucker-Pinterest. I loved the shape, though from the japanese directions I could only make sense of the chart, there were a couple of photographs to guide me along the way.
A quick digging in my cotton yarn stash came up with the right yarn. Lets just  mention the advantages of a gigantic stash...namely I can come up with the appropriate yarn to almost any knitting or crocheting I can come up with. OK, as the result I had to walk over a bunch of cotton yarn balls in my living room in the middle of teh exam period, but that is a story for a different post.The three skein of cotton crochet yarn was a second hand shop find. Who knows how many years it spent in the bottom of that box.
I've run out of the yarn just before the very edge, but then again, I rather like the idea of a different colored edging.

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