Monday, July 29, 2013

Fancy Smancy

A few years ago when I started spinning I went for thin laceyarns. The reason was that I did not used art yarn in my knitting, why the heck would I want to spin them? Plus, handdyed rowing is so expensive as it is, what good would it do to me if I spin a 20-30 dollar braid into a 80-100 meters of whatever yarn?
I wanted my yarn to be enough for something, for something that I can use, or wear.
If I spin 5-800 meters of laceyarn from the same expensive braid that would make a shawl, a lacey shrug, or even a light sweater, wouldn't it?
But as time progressed, doing the same thing over and over again is just not enough. I dye my own wool these days, which cuts the cost considerably, besides, a friend specifically asked me if I could do some fancy-smancy-artsy-fartsy yarn for her... "I can try", I said to her...
So I dived into my box of handdyed wool (which in this heat was a real self sacrifice...everything for our craft, isn't that right?), and here is the result of my trials...
Edited to add the details: 95 or so grams of corriedale wool. Spun thick and thin, plied with pure silk thread.
about 60 meters of coiled yarn.

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