Saturday, March 16, 2013

weekly spinning: blue falkland

This was my "going out" spinning for a while, I was spinning this, whenever I went out to somewhere where I had to, or could spin.
I dyed the wool at the end of last summer, when someone asked me fo baby blue fiber. In the fall at an obligatory school event meeting with a friend who was doing felting with kids, I took a bit off its end.
 Took this with me when I went to knitting meeting, the wool-day, even a folk artist meeting.
The fact that this was a secondary activity for me, not getting my full attention shows, it is more uneven and sustic than usual. On the other hand, as I say if I want perfectly even yarn I go into a yarnstore and buy one. No need to spend time with that. If I want one of a kind, totally unique, personal yarn, I spin it.
The pictures are somewhat more greyish than reality, the sudden winte in march doesn't favour photograpy.
About 90 gramms of handdyed falkland wool
spun with a drop spindle
520 meters two ply

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