Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All cut up- harvest cardigan

All right, I'll show it then
This is my first "real" fair isle cardigan, with the steeked technique.
Cutting it up really can gets on one's nerves, but on one hand if someone done all this work on a piece it is not too probable that she (or he) would want to frog it, on the other hand it is really so much easier to knit these things on the right side.
Pattern is the Harvest cardigan, yarn is Lana Grossa tweed sock yarn, the contrast colors were all kinds of odds and ends I picked up in second hand shops.
The knitting was actually done more than a year ago, I cut the steeks at the little birthday party some of my knitting friends organized for me.Only to let is lay low in the heap of VIPs with one arm sewed in...
As I said there were photos shot at the big operation, but when two computer crashed and died on me at the same time lots of things messed up, and I still hunting down these ones.
I have to thank Veronika, Maria, Kata and Kinga for holding my hand and Christopher for shooting the modelled pictures.
Since a few of you asked, in an upcoming post I will show pictures of the wrong sides of things I knitted with this technique and answer questions that I am usually asked about fair isle. So if you have one don't hold back!

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kristieinbc said...

First of all, lovely cardigan! I just added the pattern to my Ravelry queue.

The second thing is, why, oh why do we knitters leave projects that just need a bit of attention (usually sewing of some kind) to languish in the bottom of our knitting baskets for so long before we make ourselves finish them? :-)

And thirdly, steeking is really every bit as scary and magical as everyone claims.