Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wondering stripes

Over the weekend we made some photos of the cardigan that appears in the e-book (Motolla) newly published by Barkafonal, especially to show, that it looks fine in figures that are far from being modell-perfect.
I was really happy and excited when Luca asked me if I would like to participate in their (then only planned) e-book. I had a few ideas, and we selected this stripey cardigan.
Mainly because for the first time I wanted something that though describes a technique (top down-raglan) that is new to some, but at the same time simple enough so that not too seasoned knitters would also attempt.Something that could be done in many variations, with different striping (or even without any stripes) with the wide cuffs I love, or with the normal, narrower ones, in which different color combinations can be tried. It was almost self evident that from the Barka selection I would choose their tweed yarn.
Sweaters knitten in one piece have many advantages, and one of teh most important of those that the cardigan can be tried on while knitting it, and changes (for example lengthening, shortening sleeves adding or leaving out decreases for better waist shaping).
The cardigan is sporty, the tweed yarn and the stripes add interest while knitting and gives it casual elegance. In these blue/green colors it goes well with jeans. As soon as there will be enough light to photo I will show you the same sweater an other color selection.
I have to say a big thank you to the testers for their help and advice.

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