Sunday, February 3, 2013


I've already knit this pattern last winter from red and white, which I can use very well with my grey, black and jeans skirts and pants, but I wanted something to o with my red skirt as well.
The whole thing is knit in one piece (pattern is from  2011/2012 winter Vogue), and since this yarn was thichker, the sweater also a littel more generous sized.
The yarn came from Ice Yarns, Unico Alpacca from a last winter sale.I used the whole 8 baéé package from the dark one and a little bit more than one from the light grey one.
In the shoulder pattern I used a different 5 row chart, but otherwise went with the pattern basically, except for the button band, which I did the same way as last year.
Photos: Christopher Laurent Deli
Place: Barkafonal


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful! I love the colors you picked out :-D

kristieinbc said...

I remember your red and white sweater - it was beautiful! I like this new version. You look very pretty in it!

Also, I have a friend who asked about your fiber for spinning, so hopefully she will get ahold of you. :-)