Saturday, February 9, 2013


The moment I saw the pattern page in ravelry for this I fell in love, I ordered the magazine within a day.
I did had to dive into the stash (umm dismantling a little castle built of IKEA boxes full of yarn... only to find these in a totally different place. As I meantioned knitting a whole adult sweater out of fingering/sport/sock weight yarn is bordering on masochism, on the other hand there is a definite advantage, that less yarn is enough for a sweater in terms of weight. For this I used three hanks of 100 gramms of the beige one, sith a small ball eft over, and a little bit more than two 50 gramm hank of the red one.
The pattern is wery well written, cleverly constructed (knitted all in one piece in the round, but decreasing at the shoulders so it looks like set in sleeves. The little three row repeat dot pattern is lovely, and it is just slightly addictive... I mean it was like ah, here comes a dot row, a little diversion, then ahh just one knit ow, that goes fast and closes the stranded one, and then ahh just one more row and I have a full repeat... and then the whole thing starts again... Also it is a perfect thing to practive stranded knitting, simple enough, not to get lost in the pattern...
I just looove the contrasting picot edges...
Mods: Didn't do the side seam stitch, but only because I didn't read the pattern throughly before starting the sweater, and made full length sleeves (I just do not like 3/4 sleeves)
The yarn I had was about sport weight (one of my ancient second hand shop finds, hiding away in teh stash for years, one of them (the beige) having a strange name of ALRÖKA, and the red one is a Schaffhauser Wolle all around, both are 100 % wool) making my gauge a bit off, but I usually knit the sizes going with the 38 inch bust, and this had a size slightly above 40 inch wich made up for the difference in the gauge.
This knitting was my companion though the lates exam period, sometimes I even knitted instead of studying... thankfully this is not showing in my results.


Anonymous said...

Your finished sweater is beautiful!
I love the pretty red cuffs :-D

kristieinbc said...

Oh my, I love this sweater! It looks stunning on you! Is the pattern called Dots? I want to check it out on Ravelry.