Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly spinning

I can't tell how happy it makes me to see that more and more are spinning in my country. That after so long it is coming back into "fashion".And (to be a bit not too shy) I have something to do with it.
That more and more have a desire to try this ancient craft, likeViki, or Kató, who already writes weekly spinning posts.
Though I do like the idea of a day appointed each week to a spinning post, much like the idea of "handspun friday" or the Yarn harlot's "tuesdays are for spinning", but those who know me, also know that I am far from following any regularity. Oh, sure I do spin quite regularly, more than once a week, I still can't comit myself to bring spinning content at the same day each week... I just can't promise that. What I can try is to write more often about spinning...
For this week I brough two speciality. First this roving above that along the usual merino and silk also contained linen that gave the finished yarn a certain... crispiness I think.
I also like the greyish-whiteish overshadow, that looks almost like a dust of snow... or an iceberg in the north see.About 700 meters of two ply out of 100 gramms.
The other one is this alpacca/silk/merino mix from etsy...
The finished yarn looked surprisingly much like the other red/bordeaux I've made recently from wool I've dyed myself.
The yarn thickness is similar to that blue-ish one, 750 meters two ply lace yarn, 100 gramms.


kristieinbc said...

That is great that you have encouraged others to start spinning! I haven't spun anything in ages, and really need to get out my wheel again. With the new puppy in the house though it makes it very tricky. He loves to eat yarn and wool!

ritarenata said...