Monday, March 12, 2012

Portal gloves

With all that gloves and mitts I've knitted lately, Christopher couldn't be left out of the good stuff, could he?
"Mama, knit me Portal gloves, please!"
"What is that, honey?"
"You, know, that computer game"
"No, darling, I have no idea what you are talking about"
"(grumbles) grown should have orange and blue stripes. Like your orange/brown mitts, but wider stripes."
"Ok, hon, here you go (and there I put down my gigantic box of sock yarn at the front of him). Choose the yarn you want your mitts made from."
And then with two very decided move he picked out two small balls, and Put them into my hands.
"I want these!"
He also told me the stripes should be four row/round wide, and the gloves should be "short fingered" and slightly too big, so he could use them next year.
He seemed to know exactly what he wanted... and seems happy with them as well.

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