Sunday, March 4, 2012

Black Hearts

Along with the crazy amount of yarn there lives an equally crazy amount of knitting magazines and patterns in my stash. I do buy my favorites, even when I don't inmediatly see something I want to knit, because it happened more than once that in a many year old magazine I fell in love with something I haven't noticed before.Of course there are some magazine I see one or two things I feel I want to make (very rarely, like once a year I bump into one wich containes more than that), but honestly, I rarely get around to actually knit most of the things I dream about.And until now, it didn't happen that from one magazine in fast succession I should knit not one but two items. And this was the fall issue of Vogue Knitting.
First there was the red fair isle cardigan, and it hardly even dried after blocking, I cast on for the Nordic Yoke sweater.
Of course knitting miles of stockinett out of almost black Sport/DK weight yarn is not that fascinating, also there was the exam period in Uni, it did got more than fair amount of rest time.
But as soon as exams were over, I got to the patterned part, and from there it just zoomed to the finish line.
The yarn is 50% merino, 25% alpacca, 25% acrylic, 3 mm needles.

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