Friday, January 28, 2011

I am prepared

Prepared a few spindle from wood for practicing, and if somebody falls in love with the craft so much that wants to practice at home too... they can be bought too.
 And wanted to show you something that is in progress. A very special piece.. You know me, right? if my underwear has to match the clothing I am wearing above, why wouldn't the spindle match the wool I am spinning on it? Yep, I have orange, blue, even red spindles (good thing though that natural wood kinda matches everything)...For a long time now, I keep thinking how, and from what could spindles made from here...this seems to be a god start, eh? The whorl is white stone, the dovel is black hardwood (gosh I had a hell of a time screwing the hook into it) wuth a bit of white decoration. Too bad finding the pieces are not easy here, and because of the stone, kind pricey to boot... but once someone falls in love with spinning... one can never have enough spindles, right?

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