Saturday, January 1, 2011

The best way to bring in the new year.

Go to a friend's place.
Let loose three kid with a computer and a walkie-talkie
Drink champagne.
 And dye wool.
We got toogether with the intention of giving th ekids a bit of company and spin toogether into the new year. The kids had a great time, and we did spin (at least I did), and run my purple wool through the drumcarder with withe angora with a great succes.
Then just before midnight we had the idea to start dyeing... Zsu gave me a bunch of wool to play with (how is that even against my best intention I went home with more wool than started out with?)... She had some particular colorshceme in her mind and I am always sucker for rainbow colors. Here how hers looked in the "pot"...Yummie, eh?
Wool, dye, champagne, coke, chips... the greatest accesorries to have great time.

She used white alpacca, I used oatmeal colored merino, which gave the the rainbow colors a broken dusty note.

 Hers after rinsing:
 Mine after drying overnight. Looks totally pro, isn't it?
We had great time, more fun than in longest... Thank you Zsu, I can wait until we can do it again!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty!! I agree - an awesome way to ring in the new year! :)

Isis said...

lovely ! (altho!ugh I have doubts about mixing coke & champagne... LOL !)