Friday, January 28, 2011

Got a price

Not one, but two...When these first started to go around in Hungarian blog circles I only blogged in English...So I am pretty happy about them now, and feel honored.
The first from Zsuzsa

 Zsu, thank you so much, it feels so good that you feel I am worth it (you know, I often don't).. and sorry for not reacting for so long.
The other one from Alma.
Thank you both. I am not going to pass them on, not because there isn't anyone, but because there are to many out there.

But I put a few personal stuff here, ok?
-I was 14 when i decided if I ever have a son, his name will be Kristóf (Christopher), listening to a ballad, about a knight called Christopher Bordodi)
-I was about six when I was thaught to knit and crochet
-I am a thaught professional dressmaker...and for a long while I worked as one.
- I love to swimm...desparately. So much, when we lived in Miami, our friends called me "little fish". Not for nothing.
- I don't like chocolate, coffee, and alcohol.

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