Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The queen of second hand

So now back to regular blooging schedule...and an (almost) regular post type, about my adventures of hunting in the land of second hand stores.
Those who know me, also know that I have a "thing" about colors and matching things up.Up to the underwear. Blue undies under purple clothing??? NO no no!!! Also I have a ton of clothes, but I swear I do not spend all that much on them. Ever wonder how do I put toogether those outfits that mix and match all over? Here is how it happens.
It all started with a skein of yarn. I found it in a second hand store, not even in the one I find most of my treasures.
I don't even know why did I bought it, because the color (purplish magenta) is not really me. Also it was thick and thin and I am not such a fun of those "effect" or "art"yarns. For me it means instead of good knitting one is relying on the yarn to make an impression. But who knows, it maybe looked fun, or the fact that it had cotton AND linen in it (I am a great fan of linen. Show me something white and linen I want it. If it has mother of pearl buttons even more). But that still doesn't explain why did I bought that one skein (which is enough for about...nothing).
It was hiding away in my stash for a year now. I almost gave it away in the WWKIP day raffle, only I couldn't find it at the time, and those days I wasn't in the mindset for methodical search.
Then I found a skirt. Once again the color was magenta-ish purple, but it had a different shade of purple underskirt, and beside cut I like and which suits me it had beads. BEADS. Yumm. Look:

Then I found a top almost exactly the same color than the underskirt... and then I remembered I have a bra and panties in similar colors in the bottom of my drawers.(Though both came from second hand stores, both of them still had their store tags, so nobody ever used them.)

Then I bumped into a bag that had the same colors. It was in the sale bin so it was cheap, even by SH standars.

Only, only then I remembered the hank of yarn, and between job interviews I went through methodically my stash and dug it out. Just the perfect color to complement the outfit...Maybe I could make some accesory out of it...
But what?. It is linen and cotton, so only something really light would work. But it is thick and thin, defnetly not lace material. Now how do I make something light out of that? Should I make a shrug? There is less then 200 meters of the thing. OK, a scraf might work, but only if there is a LOT of holes in it. But already agreed it is not good for real lace...

Ahhh, there is is, the basic grid of the not a drop scarf...

Lots of holes, I got that right.:-)

Knitted with 5.5 mm short bamboo needles.
Those who used to see me in all white in the summer were surprised, but seeing how all matched up they knew it is ME.

(and you know what? The pic does not show, but I have a pair of purple T strap shoe to go with it. And the hair thing with the felted flower Ariadné gave me also goes...So there.)


Anonymous said...

LOVE!!! You know how much I love purples anyway, but that? ADORABLE!

Isis said...

Oh my ! I'm a purple fan too ! Now I'm jealous !