Monday, July 19, 2010

Handspun giant

I've been spinning this yarn for a while now, it's appeared in the blog now and then, but i finally had enough to finish the shawl.I knew it is going to be big when I took it off the needles...

But when, doing blocking the edges didn't fit on a queen sized bed, I was sure.

There is something so immensly satisfying not only wear your own handknits, but make them from your own handspun.

I've put some beads in just for good measure:

And see how big it is:

Now I can REALLY wrap myself in it :-)

Or in sarong style...wear it as a dress

Even two of us is fitting in it:

But the truth is I wear it like this:

But I can't get enough looking at it

The wool is available in this shop.Unlike the other shop I bought it first, her service was impaccable. Spindle came from this shop.
The pattern is Heartland lace by Evelyn C. Clark.
I used knitpicks 14" straight needles.

Maybe even the beads can be seen...I used up almost every one of the big pack...hardly any I would have counting them before buying.

I think I'll keep it :-)

Oh and my personal photographer...By now I don't have to tell who done the modelled pics, do I?


Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS!! It turned out just fantastic! I love it. :) (And no, I didn't wait for the end of work, I had to see it before then!) LOL

Alwen said...

Oh, it's so beautiful! Well done you!

Isis said...

amazing ! beautiful colour, too !