Sunday, April 11, 2010

Walk on silk

A little more than a year ago a friend I never met sent me a "yarn therapy" to put balm (umm cashmeere) on my wounded, freshly single soul. In the package there was a card, one of the loveliest notes I ever received, and a ball of silk garden sock yarn, of which the card said
"You have earned the freedom to walk on silk.Whether or not you choose to knit socks out of the silk-know that you have the freedom to use the finest of fibers anyway you choose.Knit with courage and freedom. Make items that bring smile to your heart when you see them. And hopefully living life will mirror your knitting."
Ever since I keep that ball of silk garden as a treasure, thinking that it is just too pretty to knit into a pair of sock. Over the months since, I acquired more balls in different colors, thinking, now no matter what I WILL KNIT these into a pair of sock, then when it comes I think it is just too pretty... Then I remind me what Teal said in her letter, that I deserve it...So when a couple of months ago I received yet an other ball of it, I inmediately cast on... and knitted... and knitted... and knitted...

It is true. One CAN knit a pair of knee high socks from just one ball of Noro sock yarn. Ok, I have relatively small feet, but still, it is a wonder isn't it? Especially because the yarn is thicker than the usual sock things.

Knitted them toe up, my usual 2 x 2 rib, alternating two end of the ball in every third row. I rather like that they are "only" fraternal twins"...When I saw, that indeed it will be longer than regular socks, I added some increases and decreases to shape for calves.

As I said, the yarn is thicker than regular sock yarn, I used 3 mm needles, and ast on 24 stitches for short row toes (that means 48 stitches around the feet). For once I used reversed flap heels.

I was pretty close to giving it away, as my dear friend came to visit and liked it so much (even though it was still wet...BTW the yarn does softens and blooms with washing. But be careful, it can also felt).


maze said...

csodaszép lett!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, pretty!! :) You sock knitter, you. He he he

Alwen said...

Your socks certainly bring a smile to my heart!

peony said...

Thank you all...And I keep saying I am not a sock-knitter :-))