Wednesday, January 28, 2009

yarn therapy

Some years ago, I've met a girl on Spark People. Her name is Teal. I knew she lives in Alaska, and she knits. When she came over to Ravelry, and the twists and turns of my life took for the worst we exchanged a few letters. Even if they were few and between I felt we understand each other's feelings. We shared some bits of our life's, but not all that much. I know she reads this blog. Not long after the big break off in my life happened I received an e-mail from her telling me that her aunt is traveling (from Alaska, to -from all places- to Budapest, and she was willing to bring me a package. Teal asked me if I'd like some "yarn therapy".

Was that really a question? Yes, of course! LOL. I am always happy to meet people, especially if I know them through the net, even more if we can knit together :-))).
Would I like some yarn? Come on, I am knitter, a yarn snob at that.What a lovely thought.
We did meet up with her aunt, when I opened the package... I couldn't speak. I cried.

From the very first skein I saw I knew. I felt. I knew that she not only looks at my blog but she reads it. Really reads it. Not only she reads, but she knows and feels what I don't write down.

She knows my favourite colors, she knows my favourite yarns. And I felt her love coming through halfway around the world.
Then I read her note:

In choosing this yarn I thought about what I know of your life and what I would like speak into it. Here is what this yarn said to me:
The handspun yarn is one of a kind. Dyed and spun by hand, it is a reminder that there is only one like you. While feeling blue, or fiery your individuality is precious and should be celebrated.
The cashmere reveals that you are deserving luxury. The color purple represents royalty. You are the queen of your home and life, your shoulders should be draped in luxury.
The ever changing colors of jojoland mirror the changes in our lives. We may not like one of the individual colors, but like life, the big picture is full of depth and always beautifully changing.
You have earned the freedom to walk on silk.Whether or not you choose to knit socks out of the silk-know that you have the freedom to use the finest of fibers anyway you choose.Knit with courage and freedom. Make items that bring smile to your heart when you see them. And hopefully living life will mirror your knitting.
Take Care Friend,
Teal Sky
Teal, this is the most beautiful letter I ever received. This is poetry. Balm to my soul. When I was a child, my family knew if I was happy about some present, if they found it the next day under my pillow (no matter if it was a pair of socks, a book, a doll, or even a pair of shoes. If I was happy about it, under my pillow it went). I will put your letter under my pillow, and the yarns already are on my night table.
In the package there was even something for my son:

Thank you!!! And thank you Mary-Lee for bringing to me!

P.S.:There was some more shots (some of them are by my Christopher, who -again- did very well with the camera.) They are on the Knitting Club's blog .


Isis said...

How wonderful. I am so happy for you, Anett ! I have found over the years that friendship is one of the most precious gifts we can bestow or receive in life. And this is a special friendship indeed ! Something to cherish and to help you get through the darker months of the year, and the darker times of life...!

herr_dr_nuss said...

its good to see some happiness and good fortune come into your life sweetie. God knows you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

*blink* Wow, that is SO sweet!! I love the letter, it's wonderful! :)