Sunday, January 4, 2009

More holiday knitting

These socks were started for P. There is this small second hand shop that sometimes has yarns. There was some bits of sock yarn in the bag, that seemed they would combine well.
I started the socks for a Xmas present, and when he left I just couldn't frog it, nor would I give it to someone else, so at the end they did went to P. Not that he said thanks, he didn't even acknowledged them. But I don't really care.

Anyone who ever saw these were surprised how well those yarn went together. It was really nice and squishy...

Of course Chris started complaining right away "mama you never knit anything for ME!!! Knit me something!!! Knit me some socks!" So I dived in the bag of sock-yarn bits and came up with this:

Both pair toe up, short row toes, short row heels, at the foot ribbed on the top, on the leg, all around.


Isis said...

I admire the socks ! It is something I still haven't mastered.

Anonymous said...

H would love C's socks, they are just the right color. LOL!

Isis said...

This is pathetic, it's so cold here that I had to go out and BUY real wool socks for Hanna, I really need to learn how to knit them myself !!!