Friday, April 2, 2010

Handspun yarn

I've bought this fiber in January.. I guess I got enchanted by its name, I wonder why :-)))
When it arrived I was kind of dissapointed becaues on Etsy it looked more reddish, and rusty, while in reality it has more pinkinsh mauvish colors, and lots of greens. I still spun it much faster than many of the fibers I have, and here it is winded on the feet of a stool (as a temporary winder, buying a switft of some kind is in my close future I think). It does show though how it would self-stripe...kind of.

And in the skein:

It is about 105 gramms, 540 meters, thicker lace/ light fingering weight BFL.

Trying to get the colors right in bright sunlight...:

I like the yarn, but I am not as happy about the colors... probably will be knitted into a present.
The yardage would be enough for a medium sized shawl... any suggestions?


ritarenata said...

BFL? this ist one of the best fibers i´ve ever spun. it spins itselves almost automatically.
i am sorry for you, that the colours don´t meet your expectations.
still i must say, you spun it perfectly!
the one you make a present, will get a treasure!
happy easter! és nem túl sok locsolót ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's so pretty!! :) I know you prefer red to pink, though. For patterns... ?? :)

Alwen said...

It's very pretty, but I understand about monitors not showing the real-life color. And then there are some yarns that it's so hard to get a good photo of the color!