Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Spinning also fell victim to the Knitting Olimpics...
But I can show you waht is on the spindles:
BFL from Freckle Face fibers in the Peony colorway... wonder why did I choose that particular one? LOL

Did you note the color of the spindle? When I say it on etsy in this shop I just couldn't leave it, now, could I?

Speaking of spindles... I was watching a Kundert spindle on etsy which got sold, before I had the money to buy it.... I was rather dissapointed. I looked up his site, and asked about shipping internationally. He replied within a few hours and I told him what kind of spindle I am looking for (medium weight to spin sport and heavier yarn) and he made a maple one especially for me and the package was here less in than a week. I just had to try it at once with my beloved merino silk mix, and it spins so wonderfully. It is one of my very best internet-buying experience.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, so pretty! Both the fiber and the new spindle - love them! :)

Isis said...

Looksd fabulous indeed !