Sunday, February 7, 2010

In the name of craftiness

With the new bed in my bedroom the old writing desk I used for nightstand and whatnot did not fit there anymore. I do a lot of things in my bedroom besides sleeping, like reading, watching TV and most importantly knit. Which means I have to put things down, so I definetly needed something there. Of course with spending all that money on the bed I could not afford anything fancy. Headed out to IKEA, bought the cheapest possible thing that would fit into the space I had, which was a raw pine shelf ... then started thinking.. .Shall I leave it raw? Shall I stain it? Warnish it? Paint it? Since the bed is white and the chiffarobe (god I like that word, even though I could easily say gardroe cabinet :-) is pine both version could have worked. Then Kim convinced me, that it would need something anyway, and if I get my hands in something it might as well be white paint.
Do remember that I live in a 69 square meter apartment on a tent floor, so the only place I could do it was the narrow floor space in the kitchen.

It dried for two days and I got out some screw drivers and put the thing toogether in the even smaller place in the bedroom:

Then put it in its place...I know I have a lot of practice to do if I want to pain perfectly something, because this is far from perfect. But I did it, it serves it purpouse perfectly.


Isis said...

That looks really neat and, as I thought, the white goes perfectly with the bed ! Good job ! (and kuddos for listening to your friend aka myself, LOL !)

ladyadelaida said...

it looks awsome!! I'd like to paint all my furniture white too, but mom and dad won't really be keen on it :P ;) said...

Bravo!!! I love it! Marion