Friday, February 12, 2010

Green friday

The first finished sweater of the year.
I am trying to do the InKniSweMonDo (International Knit a Sweater a Month) thingy. Last year I thought no way I can finish this much, but when I counted my FOs at the year's end I actually had more (if I count vests and tank tops too).
So here is the first one, in the tradition of green for waiting for spring:

I casted on on jan.1th. Yarn is King Cole's merino blend DK, which has a weird way of relaxing, so knitting a fabric that will end up dense enough in the right size is tricky. To add trouble to problem, the only package of this color in the shop missed one ball, and I only had 450 gramms. It is wearable, though slightly small. Maybe it is high time for me to loose that weight I am trying to for years now?
Pattern is Girl Friday from knitty 2009 fall. 3mm needles. Only one mod: a couple of decreases and increases for waist shaping.


Isis said...

Looks good, even if it's "small"... !

Anice kötős blogja said...

It looks lovely on you!I am green :) at your figure as well

Anonymous said...

What a perfect color for you, I love it! :)