Monday, February 15, 2010


It's carnival time... getting into costumes... Not the scary ones like at halloween, but fun ones. Especially for the kids...
This year Christopher went as the little caroon figure on the left side...The waterspider. It is a really cute cartoon series many in Hungary about the spider who lives in a garden pond, his best friend the grumpy land spinder... what makes it really nice that though the stories are rather human (friendship, jelausy, and restarting, and lots of interesting topic) it is also biologically correct. Here are the two main characters.

Some years ago, a week before the even We had all his coustome figured out as an other eastern europian cartoon-caracter the little mole (a black overall, with hood, a dark red plastic boot and a spade, right?), when my boy announced, that he much rather would be the waterspider... umm, just look at that drawing... then I came up with this, which was used again this year:

And there was the little production, the class played the traditional winter chasing "busó-járás" when with scary masks and screaming rhymes, they chasing the winter away (Christopher is with the green ribbons:

BTW it must have worked, as on saturday when we went away, the first time in this year, I smelled spring in the air. It was still chilly and windy, which made it feel even colder, but the air... it smelled differently. There is still hope after all...for spring.


ritarenata said...

o vizipok csodapok, imadtam.
üdv tirolbol:

Isis said...

He looks very spidery in his costume ! LOL !