Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What to do?

I finished the plying and skeining the turqoise lace yarn. It is 550 meters, and now I don't know what to do.I am kind of afraid it wouldn't be enough. You know I like my shawls on the generous sized side... The pattern says 503 meters DK. I think the weight of my yarn is between lace and fingering, and from that the shawl would need more yardage.. Shall I make a smaller shawl? My instincts says I should spin some more, but...Remember I used this roving, but the shipping costed and arm and a leg. And the seller was nasty . I mean I did asked beforehand what the shipping would cost. She said in an email that she could ship up to 10 ounce for 14 USD. Then I get about 6-8 ounce fiber and she charged me 25 USD!! That is a LOT.Not to mention it took a MONTH to get here. Of course I did complained and the she got snotty, saying that shipping is not safe in this god forbidden corner of the world and she can only ship insured. I didn't had a lost package in years (insured or not)...I admit that there were some problems at the beginning but not since 2008. And boy, do I order a lot of things...It is a shame because she does have some nice stuff and at a fairly good price, but I am not a masochist. I don't usually go again where once I burned my hand.

Anyway the question arose what to do now?

.. Shall I look for something similar, like this? Or this? and knit the border from a different shade? Shall I just give up and look for an other pattern? Then which one?

Fiber merino and silk blend. Spun on this little spindle... I ordered an other one from the seller and while conversing about living in Hungary, unaviability of things, shipping prices and other things I mentioned that i like this one too and maybe an other time I will order it too. Then the box arrived and I opened, unpacking the one I ordered and there was some extra fiber along. Christopher wanted to open that one to and I said, "calm down honey, that is just fiber, we'll open it later" "no mama, there is something inside, look" and just as I was starting to yell at him that "I said leave it alone" this lovely little spindle fell out... It is so cute and I loved spinning with it. Plying was done with the big star shaped spindle also bought from the same seller.

ETA: Problem solved. I found the exact same fiber at ETSY of all places. I was surprised because this was a commercially mixed and dyed fiber and I didn't expect it to turn up there, but it did. I got the amount I needed and shipping costed me 7 dollars (with some other fiber in the package). Yayyy, I can't wait for it to get here.


Isis said...

Glad it got solved ! What a beautiful shade of turquoise ! And I do hope shipping is safe now indeed... as you know I sent off a parcel to you a few days ago ! said...

Thank you so much for loving my spindles and for showing the world my spindles and store! I am so so glad you love them! God Bless you! Marion

D. P. said...

Hello Anett!
I hope all is well with you guys in Hungary. My niece returned to Seattle a two weeks ago. She had a wonderful time in your city and country. She was able to see a great deal of Europe as well while she was abroad.

At our last guild meeting, we had a new member. He designs crochet patterns and his partner spins yarn. The sell their stuff on Etsy as well

I have not bought their yarn yet but thought I would refer you to a source from here in Seattle.

Say hi to everyone for me.
Darlene (pctrainer98)

Anonymous said...

Darn it! I'd typed a comment & it went poof! LOL Anyway - LOVE how the yarn turned out, it's gorgeous!