Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's five

I thought I woul try to turn last weeks "Five things" into a more or less regular feauture... I've already came up with some ideas for it...
For this week...
Five things I do like (very much so). I leave out the obvious things, like my son, my family, and knitting, ok?

-Tea. Preferably strong earl grey. The more bergamot the better. I still have dreams about the double bergamot I bought in Brussels two years ago.
-Coca Cola. Regular, no diet,not pepsi no cherry or vanilla. Plain Coca Cola. Cold, but no ice. I know, it is lots of sugar, I know what phospdoric acid does, still... The best is what comes out of the small cans (250ml-1 cup).
-Croissants. You cannot woo me with chocolate, but you can try it with croissants. It is kind of hard to get good croissants here. There are a couple of places, but they are out of my way. I couldn't decide if that is unfortunate or lucky (meaning if I could get them more easily I would have more trouble with my weight.)
-Meat. Sorry my vegetarian friends... I actually do not eat all that much meat, but I have to admit I do love it. I mean I am not one of those who cannot feel fulfilled unless they have meat in a meal. I can cook/eat all vegetarian for days. But nothing can beat a big smokey charred steak, or a BBQ rib. Once again this is something P hated. He did liked meat, though he acted like he did not. And keept sabotaging my attempts to grill anything. Do not take me into a sushi place. Take me into a grillhouse.
-Tomato soup. In general I like soups, but my absoulute favourite is tomato soup. I don't mind if it is cold, though I prefer it hot. I don't care if it is the thin sweet one they give you at schools, or thick ones with real tomato chunks, and fresh herbs.
In highscool the lunches were portioned by four. Four of us had to sit at a table, and take/share from the bowl/plate to our plates(bowls). In our class we knew who likes what and always tried to group accordingly. My friend liked peas, when peas were on the menue three classmates shared tables with her who didn't liked them. On tomato soup days two girls who hated it sit with me...
Who knew teenagers could be so considerate? Of course it didn't always worked, but generally... thinking back it was amazing system we worked out.


ritarenata said...

fridays five??? hmm, you wright now about it reguraly?
well croissants!!!! i love them too.
and funny, my favorit tee is earl gray, but unfortunatly i never heard about that double bergamot. well i should visit Brussel.
thanks for sharing.

peony said...

Rita, there is a tea store there (Kim know exactly where), where the guy makes his own mixes... she has some smokey earl grey too, and this other one where he used double dose of bergamot in it...yummm