Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet dreams

So, where was I with the bed story? Oh yes, I had a bunch of cash and a nice young man with a Ford Transit. He walked with me through IKEA very patiently, he put everything I wanted on the cart (single handedly, even the biggest boxes), I paid, then it went to the car and he even helped to get all those boxes up in my tenth floor flat. I was lucky with him, because... well, i just didn't liked the guy at the desk of the official delivery guys, it costed me less, I could take EVERYTHING I wanted, and I feel I much rather give the money to someone I know...
Then, on sunday my father was supposed to come around 10-11, and they got here at 3PM. They got some firewood shipment which was running late, and it also had to be put inside, so they were also sufficently tired by the time they got here
.. taking apart the old bed was such a huge and nasty job... OMG what was in there... no wonder I hated sleeping in it... I mean there was an old-old matress in it... which had hay(!!!)... OK, I think it is officially called "Afric" here, but whatever it is it certainly looks like hay, and there was lots of dust and dirt and whatnot, most probably including a complete microzoo. I wouldn't been surprised if I found a dead mouse there... belch... It is a suprise/good luck neither of us gotten atsthma and/or allergic reactions
It was way after 5PM or even later when we could start putting the new one toogether, and by then my dad's wife was out of comission, and my dad's hands hurt badly.
Even being an IKEA piece, putting it toogether was no piece of cake. I almost titled this post to "Screwing Ikea-literally", but that sounded to negative for the mood I am in. I did the actual work, while my father "provided technical support" (LOL)... If not for the bigger pieces I could have done it myself. Unfortunately, because of the time issue, there was no chance to shot pics of the onld one or the process of putting teh new one toogether.
But it was done by ten PM, there is brand new (very pink) bedlinen on it (strong pink sheets, striped duvet cover-different shades of pink) pillowcases with pink prints... Oh and I had pink stiped jammies :-))) Yes I am crazy, when it comes to matching colors... even in bed.

I am telling you its been long I've slept so well :-))) I could hardly make myself get out of it this morning. And you cannot imagine how happy I am...I could swear this morning I even looked better :-)

And here is the point when I wax poetic, and go all gaga and mushy, so please bear with me, because for me this is not only a bed... it has so much more meaning in it for me. It might sound strange to put all this into a bed, but remember, even though I lived as long as I did, I never had a chance to get something like this all alone. Yes, we bought flat, cars, even houses (usually ending up with getting NOT the one I wanted), but that was with P. Of course my work and money was in there, but still didn't felt like I did it (which feeling was encouraged by...y ou know who)
So, I was kind of afraid that I will mind giving out that much money, but it actually felt sooooo good! Maybe that is because I lived for two decade with someone who was so afraid of spending money he rather didn't even made it. All I heard that you will never know what the future brings you have to save now. (Hmm, this didn't always applied when it came to him, but that is a different story. Typically, his first reaction when I mentioned that I am buying a bed was ( I was just asking if he wants the old one) telling me in which store can I get a cheap bed. I did not want a cheap bed. I wanted this bed forever now. And really, handing over that bunch of cash felt good (go figure P, LOL). I didn't mind for one second... it wouldn't do much good for me if I would have all that money, but feel miserable every night, and getting up tired with a bad back every morning would it?
and you know I could have bought a very good bed for much cheaper, actually this is the third most expensive bed in that store, but I loved this one for who knows how long, and it fits in my bedroom just as I thought it would.. I still need to get a smaller (umm narrower) drawer cabinet, and put the shelf I bought on the wall, and right now I am going to relocate the TV set... maybe next month I am going to get a wall consol for it and a smaller thing for the things like the dvd player, the cable internal unit, etc. (the current one is big and black, which does not really go with the pine gardrobe and the white bed...)...
It was so different to sleep in this bed. And not only for the lack of sqeaky, broken springs, but... how to put it... can a bed emit negative energie? All that dust and dirt could not be healthy. nor the not-supporting the body...
This also means that I accepted that I am single. This bed is not a couple's bed, this is not a marriage bed. This bed is the dreams of romantic teenagers (appareantly I am a late bloomer teen LOL), and single women.
Also it is something I wanted. Something I worked for. Something I did from collecting the coins, the exchanging the money, to organize the shipping to putting it toogether. It is all mine. Slightly more that a year ago, P told me, that withouth him, I would sink into poverty, I would go under the bridge... this is a proof that it is not so.


Isis said...

I could have a nap in that bed... it looks yummy ! Congrats on getting it and putting it together !

Anonymous said...

The bed looks fantastic!! ;) Good on you for reaching this point - just one more proof that you should not listen to certain negative males. :D

Mitz said...

What a nice bed! I want one too, ;)
Did you buy the pink sheets at IKEA too?

valéria said...

Well done, Ilove the fact that you know better now that you don't need P to do anything...as if he would...hmpphhhh. I love your bed and it looks just great. Wishing you many happy rest and sleeping in your new bed :o)