Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Knitting from your own handspun... that is... such a satisfaction... even if the yarn is not as perfect as you want, it is still warming...not only the hands, but the soul. Not to mention the fact that one can create something utterly unique... No way anybody could reproduce it...
Remember, I was spinning this yarn? I wanted to have something purple to wear on my hand.
With the Xmas knitting behind me, I finally got around to do it.
Basically it is teh same idea as the knucks "top" (umm fingers) down. This time I had to recalculate the numbers, made the fingers longer, the cuff much longer, added my usual picot edging, and wanting to change I added a simple lace pattern on the back of the hands.

The pics a bit dark, sorry for that, but it IS a dark purple yarn.


Anonymous said...

They are SO pretty! I love how they turned out.

Isis said...

Absolutely beautiful ! I know what you mean, I feel like that when cooking/baking with things I grew in the garden too !

velmalikevelvet said...

Thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog! I just sent you a reply to your Etsy convo about my fiber, Love Jones. Be well! Velma