Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Handknit sightings

For so long the only hand knits I saw were the one Dinara was wearing, but last Friday it seemed knits and crochets were all around. I had to go my dr for some prescriptions and bloodwork (I decided to check out if there is any physical reason behind all this tiredness) and as I was coming down (she has an office in one of the hospitals in the Buda, the hilly side of the city) I saw a woman (later I heard, she spoke Italian) wearing a light blue shrug/wrap. It was made from little crocheted round blocks. It was handmade (do I know right that there is no such a thing as a crochet-machine?), sleeveless and tied in the front. Beautiful. Then I saw a girl wearing a white pullover with wide knitted ribs and a very airy crocheted body. Again I have no idea if it was homemade , but it was crochet, so there definitely was handwork involved. Then as we met with my knitting friends a woman (again, an Italian) walked in in a gorgeous white lacy wrap (or it might have been a poncho). As she was walking by us, all four of us looked like "did you see WHAT she was wearing???" LOL.

Oh, Dinara was wearing her pretty red dress, and Tania had this on:

Lovely crocheted blocks and gorgeous color! She doesn't speak English, the little communication we managed was with the help of Dinara. But she knits like me, even hold the yarn with his finger like I do! And she was knitting this:

I instantly fell in love with that yarn. It was made in Turkey and it was cotton, but with the looooooooong color repeats that is so typical of NORO and even the colorway was like one of NORO's.

I love wearing cotton (right after wearing linen) and so I like knitting with it. This was so gorgeous, I was literally drooling (and in the meanwhile damning the poor yarn selection of my country.)


Anonymous said...

Ooooh - I just LOVE that yarn!! You must find out more - is it something that can be found online anywhere?? :D

peony said...

She bought in in Belorussia.I made apic of the labe wich says: Made in Turkey.Produced by YƜNTEKS.The name of the yarn is ALIZE batik design.
There was an internet address, but it cannot be seen on the picture.