Friday, November 4, 2016

Sunglass time :-)

We have a saying in Hungarian about how man is planning but god is doing, or according to the dictionary man proposes, god disposes, or something at that direction.
I should have been suspicious when, arriving to the hospital with Chris, we've been told, that he is on the last place at that day's scedule, which meant he got out of surgery after 2 PM, and according to the rules he may leave after minimum of six hours... which appareantly was not enough as he was fast asleep for the rest of the afternoon, but upon realizing that he may have to spend the night, tried to fullfill the requirements of leaving, namely drinking a lot and peeing, and not puking, So we were all set, got the paperwork, and as he was ready to dress up, all the water and tea he drank came right out, so everything was cancelled and we had to resign to spend the night. Which is fine, his safety is more important than anything, and he is totally OK now, but it meant the next day going to the wasteland and getting our wits together.

However, I managed to loosen and braid up later in the evening all the wool, and today there was just enough light to make some pictures of some the colors and stuff  I am taking with me tomorrow to The day of wool. So here you go. 

Silk yarns, mostly for weaving:

My favorites for this year: antique roses

Some impressionists:

 Colors mixed:

Drops lace based:


and some casmeere based stuff

And ispired by my accountant friend:

This is not all, by far, but maybe enough to entice those who are inclined to do so, actually come and see for themselves.

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