Monday, November 14, 2016


I wanted to show my weaving to you step by step as I have done them over the last few months, mostly in Judit's workshop and help, and I will do so... a bit later.
Now the record amount of likes on my Facebook picture showing the finished item of my friday's weaving promted me to post it right now.
I wanted a pink to purple colorchanging shawl for a while, but I didn't really want to weave it either in black or grey or even natural warps, as I knew it would throw off the color. However at the end of the summer I saw that in the "other" weaving workshop (Belvárosi Szövöde- Downtown Weavery) on one of the looms there was a pink warping. I wanted to go and weave there too for a longtime, but somehow time was never right... but I could not miss this opportunity. 
So here was the yarn I spun scpecifically with this long colorchange in mind... and I set a Friday aside to weave it. I will let the pictures speak for themselves (almost).

Weaving with yarn that was spun by hand from fiber that was also handdyes, has its own special charms... Like even if the yarn itself is rather uniform, it still has tiny changes in thickness, and the way I dye gives the colors sometimes run a bit wilde... so at the end the color is largely does get from purple to pink, there are suprise shades, of lighter and darker colors. So there is now to "row" now two thread is teh same, there is smaller or bigger change in each one.
And as I weave further sometimes a color pops up at suprising places, giving it a stripy appearance.
 A pink warp toned down the purple a bit, if I would do this again I would dye it to an even darker shade, but I am really happy with it as it is.
 Thanks go to Teri Tamási and the Belvárosi Szövöde. 

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