Saturday, October 29, 2016

The dark side

Zsófi asked me yesterday if I have time today to hang out.. well, not really, but since I work at home, sometimes there are days I don't see any human, except my son, so I gladly take an opportunity get out, what did you had in mind?
Well she would take me up on my offer to teach her to knit... we had to cancel it two (or was it three?) weeks ago, because I was don with some nastí cold and feeling miserable, but I am always ready to take anyone over to the dark side of the fiber world.
Since Barka is closed, w decided, well ok, I did, to started out visiting the new yarnshop by yarnnet, anything to encourage any new yarn shop, not to mention I've met the girls before and they are lovely.
Picked up some yarn Zsófi liked, and here she is... knitting her first rows:

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