Friday, October 28, 2016

A tale for each day?

Well, my big world-changing plans, otherwise known as "a tale for each day" run into a wall about the second day, as my well thought out plans and schedules for the next two weeks were kicked in the ass by a ponecall from Crhis's sugeon, that there was a cancellation, and the surgery that was planned for december, could be rescheduled... for the next wednesday. It is not a big deal, a routine actually, he does not even have to stay for the night, however... replanning, replanning-

The most annoying was that I had to cancel my weaving day at Judit's, for which I've been preparing for week, and a few of us booked the day together, I spun he yarn, and everything. I know that the child is most important and I phoned without thinking, but being sad about it would no make me a (much more) bad mother, now does it?

I also wanted to take pictures, but my phone decided otherwise, and told me to clean teh ehck out some memory. Well then.

But you know, what? you will still get a picture, I found it while copying from my phone... It was shot at Brussels at the summer. I am whining for a long time that I want to get back to sewing, I would be a dressmaker originally or what. (It is still rather unvelievable that I got two degrees and other three vocation since, even if the three is rather close to each other...)... however it is so difficult to start after such a long time. Christopher was also chewing my ears off, about being 15 and never leaving the country, how dare we, what a shame is that. Well it was not once with my friend, Kim, that she invites, gives me a place to stay, and all, and I will help her with household textiles, namely curtains. Yet again we combined the nice with teh useful, and we spent five days in Brussels.
Ad yes, I did sew. I can prove it to.

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kristieinbc said...

Five days in Brussels sounds like a real treat! Have you found some patterns that you really like? There are quite a few to choose from now. I've started sewing some of my own clothes, but am a beginner sewist with few skills. Thank goodness for online tutorials!