Friday, February 19, 2016

Weekly Spinning - birthday tantrum

I already mentioned that last fall and winter (OK from about August until now) was so extremely busy... Two jobs and university was just about all I could handle, when the offer came to do the magazine,I knew it will throw off the balance that was already hanging on a tiny threas. However I just coud not say no, even if I knew this will mean some... some... how shall I put it... no weekends, sleepless nights, hardly any crafting, and so on.
And then, when my birthday came around I in last december, something snapped. I was like a toddler, it her worst tantrum. I wanted spinning and nothing else. No work, No housework. No university stuff, no study, no paper to write. NO. And I did not care about the possible consequences. Spinning that is what I wanted, and there is one major advantage of being an adult. I can decide if I can afford to put other things aside... and with all the work I've done, I decided that I deserve some fun.

Without any particular plan, I dug out the first fiber I had that was not earmarked for anything particular, I just bought it because I thought it might be pretty and I wanted to try it.

I have a thing for multicolored tops that are striped lengthwise. I love how the colors mixing up during spinning and love the tweedy/heathery effect. (I love tweedy/heathery yarn as well- no wonder).
 The first thing that I managed to gab was this orange, red and pink striped merino.I also wanted to practice spinning thicker than my usual laceweight.
 And I love the result, it is not as uniform as can be, but if I want perfectly uniform yarn I drop in a yarn store and pick it out of the shelf, not working on it for hours, or days, right? I love handspun. because it is so unique, and the tiny "imperfections" gives it a very special character.
This one is still slightly overspun, (I still pedal notoriously fast on the wheel) though much less as it used to be, and for once it is very bouncy. 
100 gramms, 2 ply, and about 350 meters.

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