Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekly spinning: the accountant and the leftovers

When teh last time I was díeing yarn and fiber, my friend asked me to make her some special BAS (in other words dye up some DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk that is Zsuzsi's favorite)...
"And what color you would like? "
"Well, you know... something accountant-ish."
"And what color is THAT? "
"You know....not like your usual I-need-sunglasses-bright-colors, but something more modest,  puprlish, greyings and pinkes.... "
I did dye the yarn, but I had some lefovers from teh dyes,a nd we do not like to throw away useful stuff, so I was picking up a braid of wool and poured over the lefotver dyes without and particular concept, plan, or preparation,
It did turned out... not particularly pretty, rather bland, however when I started to spin it, those colores came to life.
During plying as the colors found their way beside each other, they already danced.
The truth to be told, I was never a fan of the barber pole effect (when two different color twists into each other), that is probably why fractal spinning never enticed me, but this time...those soft colors were really enchanting in any combination.
100 gramm merino, about 350 meter 2 ply.

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