Monday, November 16, 2015

Frosty aftenoon

 I have many-many favorites from the 2015/2016 DROPS winter/fall collection. Also I have plans (and yarns) to knit some of them... Among others I have the original pink/mauve/beige colored Delight, but when in the fall I was looking for something I can wear with my red boots... I knew that some change is in the air...
 I think as for thicknes and gauge goes DROPS Delight, Alpaca and Fabel are interchangeables... 
As much as I love Drops is really warm and have a tendency to felt at the uderarms (as I saw with my much loved Bergen cardigan). I wanted a fall cadigan, which is not as warm... So, instead of the unicolored alpaca I used the grey Delight with its changing shades, but where the Delight should be in the pattern I set free the soul of some unicolored red sockyarn that was in my stash... for who knows how long.
As for modifications... I added long ribbing to the cuffs (as usual) and added some extra stitches to the arms, as I have hmmm... not so thin forearms...
 That is about it, the pattern is rather easy, and straightforward (as far as DROPS patterns go--- I actually love this way of pattern writing, I feel they suppose, I KNOW what I do... at least when it comes to knitting that is.
Pattern is Frosty Morning from DROPS Design.
Yarn: Drops Deight and Fabel.
Needles: 2,5 mm and 3 mm.
Photos: Deli Christopher Laurent.... shot in a pretty cold fall afternoon.


Martine said...

Très joli & automnal

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