Monday, November 9, 2015

Camera fun- in other words... mama has fun with her hair.

When, in the summer we braided felted woolstrips into my hair, it was a great succes, however I didn't had many pictures of it, which, surprisingly Christopher minded the most
We repeated teh feat for teh fall's Wool-day, and as to Chris's request I let him make some picture of it :-)
 And while we are at it, I asnwer to the questions that are asked.
No, it is not (much) heavier than my hair would be, if it would be this long... The wool in it is about 200 gramms. First I dyed the naturally slightly yellowish wool to the lightest of grays to kind of match my haircolor. Then felted narrow strips, which were then decorated with bits of wool from teh fibers I dye. Some colored and metal beads were added here and there for more decoration.
 My friend, Tilda, sectioned my hair off to tiny strands, folded the woolstrips into half and braided it to the hairstrand. The ends are fixed with tiny white rubber bands. When I want to undue the thing I just cut the rubberbands and unbraid the strands.
 The first time it took about 3-3.5 hours, the second time she outdone herself, and finished it in two.
When my head gets sweaty, or dusty in the city, i give it a light shower. Felted wool is water resistant to a point, the trick is not to get the wool soaked, just lightly shower off. 
No, I do not go swimming when I have wool in my hair.
The first time I had them in for about a week, then the weather became way too hot, so I unbraided them... but I inmediately anted to have them back--- we got around doing them again in a few months... will see how long it will take me this time.


kristieinbc said...

This is the most awesome hairdo ever! It is also one of the most unique uses of wool I've seen in a long time. It will be interesting to see how long you leave them in. :-)

Dacota Douson said...

Wow! Your hair looks so cool! Isn't that hairdo too heavy? I think it should not be as that is a wool. You are gorgeous! I will share your awesome blog with my writer from