Thursday, January 22, 2015

Forget me Knot V.2

When I crocheted the Forget Me Knot shawl last year I knew that the tree of us (pattern, yarn, and me) will see each other again soon...
For myself, however I choose this pinkish, purplish color, who knows why...
There isn't anything new I can say about the pattern, it is straightforward, easy to follow, fast, looks good in unicolor and Delight makes it extra special.
Of course, being me, without beads it wouldn't be the same.
It also goes well with the Crochet hat, I showed you earlier.
Pattern is Forget me knot from Drops.
Yarn is Drops Delight.
Photoes: Chrostopher Laurent Deli


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IsaE said...

Oh I just love it, and the colors are stunning, which reference of drops delight did you use please? these are precisely the colors I love, I have a pattern I would like to knit and this would be perfect, thank you :)