Monday, February 24, 2014


There are patterns I keep returning to. Rosamund's cardigan is one I've already knit in a number of version, and Amelia is an other I would knit in every color possible.
This version was knit from my favorite Scottish tweed. I can count it as a stash-down project, because I had the yarn for years. 
As well I can count it in the UFO finishing project, as I started it more than a year ago, but by the time I got to the sleeves spirng came, and knitting a wool/cashmeere cardigan wasn't as important anymore as some white lacey item.
The fabric, the surface of a fabric knitted from tweed never cease to fascitane me. the pattern is written from the bottom up, but grewing up on tradtional knitted in pieces sweaters I don't find those as a work of the devil.:-). Besides, the whole thing is done almost entirely withouth sewing,it only needs a few Kitchener stitch at the underarms, and the buttons sewn on.


kristieinbc said...

The Amelia is very, very pretty on you! I really like it knit up in the Tweed yarn. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your Cardigan looks good in tweed yarn.