Friday, February 7, 2014

Almost Sophie

The Dahlia Cardigan always fascinated me, I loved its back, but I just knew that I will not be able to use the free flowing front. I never liked those thingies I could not properly button up.
So when I came across the Sophie cardigan on the Drops pages I knew I wanted to make that version
I also knew that even though the pattern called for some cotton yarn (however soft) I wanted to knit it from the angora/merino yarn I had in my stash for years. 
As usual, I did my share of modifications... basically done the back patterned square and went after my head afterwards. Mainly I omitted the side panels, but knitted outwards from the back square forming an armschythe and a shapely waistline, and knitted a front with the lace pattern given to match the back.
I didnt do the knitted on garter stitch button band/shawl collar, but picked up stitches all around, knitted ribbed bands and formed a narrow collar with shot rows.
Sleeves were started at the wrist, my usual generous, long ribbed edge were knitted, then shaped to match the armhole on the body.
The yarn is soft like a newborn bunny,but sheds like a nervous one on its prom night...There is one advantages of angora yarns... they are ever so light. I only used half of the 400 gramms package, now I have to figure ot what to do with the other half.
Pattern can be downloaded from the Drops site here.
Photos: Christopher Laurent Deli

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Lillysmuul said...

It's beautiful design and colour and the softness....
I love everything about it!
Well done!
(Now I want something light blue even more!!!)