Monday, January 6, 2014

Minecraft hat

"Mama, knit me a Minecraft hat" said my only child, and who am I to say no to such a request?  A quick ravelry search came up with this pattern, to which said child replied..."sure, mama, but I want it with grey base and..." that was when I shsush-ed him and took down wome boxes containing parts of my sock yarn collections...the greys the greens and the blacks. and told my son "here sweetheart, choose yourself".
The green he picked up is a bit too dark, so the face of the creeper figure only shows up in strong daylight, and the hat went under the Xmas tree with needles attached. I finished on the 25th though.
He loves it though, and it also fullfills the stashdiet requrements...

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Anonymous said...

It's really a wonderful thing when your child asks you to knit him something. Long may it last!