Sunday, September 22, 2013


I said this before and I just have to repeat myself. In the last few years my life I often feel if I could just give it up, or wishing if I could have been born to a different person.
BUT then, every now and again there are a day, which makes me thankful. Makes me glad to be me. Makes me sitting down at the end of the day and saying thank you for God, for the Universe, or  for whoever, whatever is responsible.
Last years "Day of wool" was like that, and this year's was even more so.
Even the fact that we organized it to this day, unknowing that it coincides with the world wide spin in public day. But could we had a more fitting program?
Preparing for it, dyeing up al those colorful yarns and fiber was already light and color in my days. Having friends come over and help was an other.
Having people come and giving me the opportunity to show them what I love so dearly was an other.
Having people come just for my sake...
Getting to meet strangers and making new friends.
Being able to talk about spinning all day, with people around me growing totally bored, and getting empty expressions.
Being able to show how yarn and fanric is made from the smallest.
Sometimes getting the dad more interested, than their kids
Having someone who swore , never will try it...well, just try it and falling in love with spinning.
Having kids around, who are taking spinning into their stride, like they were born with a spindle in their hands.
Again, I have to say thank you for Adrien és Zsóka for organizing the event and inviting me. For my friends who let me promote it shamelessly on facebook, and even helping me with sharing the even so often. For Roni and Kriszti for helping me to prepare. For Tamás (Roni's DH) for helping me to get there and giving us food afterwards. for everyone who came.
And for the Universe. This was one day I was glad to be me.


Kate Larson said...

Hello! I couldn't find your email, so I sent you a message via Ravelry--I hope you see it!

Cheers, Kate

kristieinbc said...

I am just catching up on my blog reading after returning from my holiday. I'm so glad you had this special time. I hope many more days like this can happen for you. Hugs to you from Canada!