Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Exam period... aka I am coming back!

I've mentioned it a few times, that a couple of years ago I've bitten off a rather big bite for myself... After saying goodby to the Bank, I had to face the fact that no matter what I know, it is no use if I don't have a paper about it. So I've applied to University, (and got accepted) which had considerable advantages ( for example about 5 hour train trip- ummm uninterrupted knitting time- every other week), and disadvantages, like gigantic pile of homework to do, assignements to hand in, and exams to get trough, one of these exam period was responsible my dissapearance lately. One of my favorite classes was the so called "writing" (or composition) where we had to write shorter essays in different styles, where we only had the style set (classification, argument, argument/counterargument and such), but never the topic, as our teacher said it is always more interesting to read the topics the students come up with. By teh nature of things my topics were mainly about crafts (I wonder if he was prepared tho get a full training in crafts, LOL), and flying. In the last year or so I was asked repeatedly to show at least the essay about knitting, but the others as well.
In the next post I will show the short argument for knitting, the others will be collected on a different page. A Hungarian translation will be posted on the Hungarian language blog.
P.S.: Many thanks for the invaluable help of Angela, with the essays.

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