Sunday, September 2, 2012

The empty box

For the big craft festival I didn't prepare over a weekend, but through a long-long peiod. Between work, exams, translations, and what not, I was dyeing them little by little, by one, two, three braid/hank a time. There is a box at the corner of my living room which filled up, almost without noticing with colorful beauties. Slowly but surely I got used to having dyes up to my elbows, and cheer up my problem filled days with happy colors.
Then over the Folk Art Festival the box got emptied out.It was standing sadly without any content like an orphan in the corner. And I started to miss those colors around me, even the discreet vinegar smell wafting around my flat. And I kept getting enquieries, when will I have some wool again...
So I got my dyes out again, my pots, the mailmen brought fresh new fibers... and there was color again, rainbow drying on my balkony, we were skeining yarn again on the skeinwinder, and the box filled up again.
I can't use this all up, even if I spin 7/24, so lets find them owners who would like them as much as I do. Someone who would adapt them happily. Here you can find the handdyed wools for sale, here the handdyed yarns  
Happy browsing!
Photos: Tamás Rigó/Veronika Nyerges (Thank you)

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