Monday, September 24, 2012

Summer lilac

The idea came from a german crochet magazin, but even in hungarian I can only make sense of a crochet pattern if there are charts to go with them, in german I am totally hopeless. Besides, the  more I looked the more mods I decided.
In the original pattern there is a square crocheted from one side to the other. The pattern has a strong direction, so for simmetry I started it in the middle and crocheted outwards. The same for the fronts. Then, after sewing it up I kept crocheting the front and continue around the neck for a narrow collar.
I wanted the sleeves slightly trumpet shaped so at the end insted of seven I did eight, then nine ouble ctovhet in each pattern repeat.
I made the decoration flowers from th etop of my head and sewed them on irregular places, like they just fell.
The yarn was a second hand find, cotton/rayon/acrylic mix, unevenly spun and plied.

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